Last updated 10/09/2021

Shipping and other services have now resumed. 

Hey bookworms! With shipping information changing almost weekly we wanted to have a page where you can easily access updates. Our team is working extremely hard curating your Big Book Boxes and we are doing everything they can to ship them as soon as possible (while working with a smaller team and practicing social distancing safety precautions in the warehouse). We will keep updating this page whenever we have new information to share with you. If you have any additional questions about anything please don't hesitate to reach us at, We're here to help! Worried about you’re the Big Book Box? Do not worry, as a first time buyer it is hard to wait for the boxes, but when it comes to #worththewait factor you can trust us with all your heart. We are working on with publishers and vendors to deliver your boxes super quickly but then again everyone is affected by COVID, especially the vendors and SMEs who provide amazing quality stuff for you to us.

April Boxes

The April Boxes will go in packing on 17th September 2021. Tracking will be sent on registered number once your boxes are billed by your respective courier company.  Unboxing Contest will start post delivery of the boxes. 

September Boxes

Bookings for September boxes are still going on and the boxes will be shipped in September. Once packing starts, you’ll get an email for upgrades. 

Shadowhunters Box

Few goodies are yet to arrive for Shadowhunters Box, It is expected to be shipped by 15th October 2021. 

Invisible Box

All goodies are here except for the hoodie, we will update on this shortly on email and here as well. 

Garage Sale Orders

The Garage Sale Orders and their shipping will resume starting 25th Janaury 2021.