Shipping Updates

Last updated 29/11/2023

Hey bookworms! Since the start of the pandemic we have faced various challenges when it comes to shipping, and we want to thank you sticking with us through the tough times. Shipping delays with arrival of the books was one of the reasons why we did very few boxes in 2022. We’re happy to report that this issue will be resolved in next 2-3 months with shipping timelines being back to normal, until then we will continue to update this page whenever we have new information to share regarding timelines. 

Book Boxes

Dark Academia Boxes - August

Booked from 2nd August to 15th October 

All the boxes have been dispatched. Hooray!

Also, the Breve book goes out separately as we’re following up with the publisher regarding that.

Mythology Box - October

Booked from 16th October to 16th November

Box swap options along with an update on this box has been sent. All the adjusted boxes are being sent as per the box’s schedule.

All Classics Box - November

Booked from 17th November to 31st December

All Classics Box have been picked up and are currently being billed at the courier partner.

Anniversary 2023 Box - January

Booked from 1st January to 26th March

The Anniversary Box have all been dispatched. Yayyy! 

On Stranger Tides Box - April

Booked from 27th March to 9th August 2023

These boxes have been picked up and are currently being billed. 

Fairytales 2023 Box - August

Booked from 9th August to 20th September

The Fairytales box leaves our warehouse by mid to 3rd week of December. Keep an eye out for an email update.

Living Library Box - October

Booked from 21st September to 3rd November

This box ships out in mid to end of December tentatively.

Cabinet of Curiosities Box - November

Booked from 4th November to Preset

This box ships out in January tentatively.

Special edition boxes and Merchandise

The Heartstopper box

All the Heartstopper Boxes have been dispatched!

K Drama Box

All the boxes have been delivered.

Bridgerton Box

The boxes will go out in 5 lots starting mid December 2023.

Harry Potter Box

Much awaited, these boxes are dispatched.


All the boxes have been dispatched. Book Nook contest winner will be announced soon!

Gone With The Wind

Gone with the Wind Special Edition will start shipping out by mid December 2023.

Bazaar Orders

All Yard sale/ Bazaar orders placed between July – September will be shipped out by mid December 2023.