Now Reading Comes With Rewards.

The best kind of friendships come with perks. Your association with us comes with perks too.  For each year you have completed with us, we send you a Companion exclusive reward – our way of thanking you. 

TBBBOX Companion

Much Like Books, this companionship comes with the promise of no complains and no demands.

If you have 12 TBBBOX, including those you have not received or will be delivered in coming month. Congratulations! You are a TBBBOX Companion
TBBBOX companion

A Welcome Gift

Your first reward is sent upon completion of the first year, after your 12th box reaches you. It is an item we got made specifically for you and a handful of you will own it!

A Birthday Gift

After your 12th box, we send you a book on your birthday. Much like most our picks, it will be exclusive, special and hanpicked for your book nook.

TBBBOX Companion
Reader Rewards

And something memorable on anniversary...

On anniversary, you receive the Big Books Crew Pouch from us. It is not a tote and it is not a sleeve, it is just the geekiest goodie to put in all you need to get out of the house with. Are you thinking of a tote again? It is NOT a tote. It comes with a Selection of The Best Book from the past year and you can choose one for free. 



Those Who Haven't Missed a Box since January 2017 & There are 132 More From May 2017...

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