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Secret Santa is a gift initiative by The Big Book Box where you purchase a gift packet (with one book and some goodies along with a Christmas message) that reaches you in time for Christmas. It is NOT a book box but a simply wrapped gift with goodies that are a Christmas present to you. The idea is to ensure that everyone from the community has something from the reading community under their Christmas tree. You drop a message that is sent to another bookworm and another reader drops a message that reaches you. The value of the gift you receive always equal or higher than the amount you paid for it.


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It’s our favourite time of the year and we just can’t wait for Secret Santa to begin! So for the new bunch, Secret Santa is our way of ensuring there’s a gift from the reading community under your tree! There is a product enlisted Secret Santa on our shop with the ticket size of 699, 899 ,1099, 1299 and Rs 1699. You pick one of these, buy it and add a lovely Christmas message to it on the checkout page. It can be as long and full of love as you can make it. You check out with your own address and details in it. Now this gift you purchased goes to another person who purchased the same product and left a message with it and you get the message and gift which this other person bought. If it’s got you all confused, drop a comment below and we will help you out.Last year it was just a book and a postcard with message. This year it’s a Christmas card, a book and some goodies (more like a Christmas hamper). You are paying for the book, another person is adding a lovely message to it and we are adding goodies (Except small packet) to it to make it your perfect Christmas gift! So although you paid for it, you are always gonna get more than what you paid for.
It’s like a gift you buy for yourself, so if you are buying it for someone else and adding their address to checkout, make sure you mention in the message that it is a gift for your friend. If you are buying one for yourself, just drop a nice message for the random person who will receive it and we will send their message to you.

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Pre-bookings cannot be cancelled and cannot be refunded.

Post Pre Booking Secret Santa packets cannot be upgraded or downgraded.


When you Pre-Book, you get flat 5% off when booking is opened and you get an assured full size goodie free.

How Pre-Booking Works?

Let’s say you decide to Pre-Book Secret Santa Large packet which is priced at 1099, and can be pre-booked at Rs 300. Once you pre-book, when bookings are opened you will get a payment link of Rs 744 at 5% off. Once you pay, you will get the confirmation email.

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