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Monthly Plans

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The Frappe Box

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The Frappe Box

Ideal For – Budget Readers and Students

The Frappe box is our most basic book box, curated for the readers who are either trying their first big book box before moving to the bigger plan or bookworms who are struggling to find time but can finish a book efficiently! Few goodies accompany a newly released book to make your reading experience fun and delightful! Check More Subscription Plans Below. If you don’t find enough time & read only one book per month, Frappe Box is tailor made for you. 

The Espresso Box

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The Espresso Box

Ideal For – Busy Readers 

The Espresso Box is our most popular subscription plan, and it is curated for the readers who have lots of other things to do. With two books each month, it gives you the target of finishing at least 24 books each year. Along with some fantastic merchandise, it is the most economically picked subscription plan.

The Cappuccino Box

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The Cappuccino Box

Ideal For – Non- Comprising Readers

If the idea of two books doesn’t satiate your bookworm ego, go for the cappuccino box. It is the most widely chosen plan in our family of seven thousand book lovers. With three books and twice that many goodies, the Cappuccino is the most loved mid-ranged book subscription plan that offers more for less. It fits the reading habits of the actual book nerds who can consume as many as three books in a month.

Cafe Mocha Box

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The Cafe Mocha Box

Ideal For – Ready Readers & Collectors 

The Cafe Mocha Box has earned the reputation of being the most premium book box of the country! With everything-from collectibles to four amazing books, it is an even better package than Mr. Darcy! It is perfect for avid readers and the ones building their collection of books together with the merchandise! Coming to the books, it has three hardcovers and one paperback along with the most tastefully picked bookish merchandise and the right edible to munch on as you read.

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Discover The Best Books

Every month we choose 4 of the best new international releases and we bet nobody cares for your books more than us.

Value for Money

While we take a lot of pride in our book selection, we also want to ensure that you get the best of the books at best prices for the books that otherwise you won't get in India. Including Books and Goodies and Free Shipping, You'll always get more than what you pay for.

Reading is a lifestyle

It has never been easier to get best International hardcovers delivered to your doorstep.

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