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Know The Shipping Timelines

Our Subscriptions work on monthly basis. Thus, all orders placed from the 1st to 30th day of booking are shipped together. Please note that the bookings for each month are open from 1st of every month to 30/31st of every month. Eg. October box can be booked from 1st October – 31st October. The shipping starts from 16th of Next Month onwards, and sometimes a little longer if the book is an import edition that isn’t being released in India. You can always find updates from our Instagram announcements or write to our Helpdesk for a status inquiry. 

Upon shipping, the boxes reach the metro cities in 2-5 days and the non metro boxes take 7-10 days to reach. You are sent tracking details via Text Message on your registered phone number. In case you have Do Not Disturb text blocking service, you might need to write to us for the tracking update or look into the mails from us. Our Instagram  DMs are not for tracking updates so do not write there

CURRENT STATUS: Boxes are Packed, Waiting for Courier to Pick up. The Boxes are on Hold Due to the LOCKDOWN

Frappe Box

All boxes will be dispatched by 17th MARCH 2020

Leaves in Batches of 1012/Day, Shipping Partner India Post, DTDC, Shadowfax.

Espresso Box

All boxes will be dispatched by 18th MARCH 2020

Leaves in Batches of 1789/day. Shipping Partner DTDC, India Post, Shadowfax 

Cappuccino Box

All boxes will be Shipped by 20th MARCH 2020

Leaves in Batches of 333/day. Shipping Partner DTDC, India Post and Shadowfax

Cafe Mocha Box

All boxes will be dispatched by 22nd March 2020

Leaves in TWO Batches of 1431/ day

The Big Book Boxes work on Monthly basis, and unlike any other subscription boxes we do not limit our boxes to a certain number.  It is only wise to give everyone a chance to book their boxes. As our book choices are exclusive and it will be costly to buy some of the books. 

Why I have to wait for two months sometimes?

At TBBBOX, Choices and quality of books matter more to us, and most the the books we choose for our boxes are not available in India or they are available on Amazon with higher price tags. Hence the long waiting time, as the books in large quantites take time to get procured mostly from UK. 

IS waiting bad? Or if it should kill your interest

At The Big Book Box, our priority is to ensure the best books released each month reach you. Since most of don’t release in India in the hardcover format – the format you get in our boxes, it takes 30-50 days for these books to be imported here. So rather than sending you the books that are already available in the market at minimal rates, we try to get you an exclusive read each month. We know that majority of our readers are here for the books and thus, we go for the best options available, even if it does take a while. Our book choices are the reason we have the biggest audience in this market and we’ll continue to bring great books to you.

Answer This: Does it make sense to send the book already available in Indian Market for the sake reducing the wait time thus sending you par books when we can send some amazing exclusive books?

So What Should I Do?

You should look for updates we send regularly. We still have a small team, we pack, we ship and we manage all the things without any external help. If you love reading, Waiting will be tough but my dear friends, you’re gonna love the box once you unbox it. Trust us it will be worth the wait. 

Tracking your order is as easy as it sounds!

Step 1

Log in to your account and once you have logged in head to my account 

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Step 2

Once you are at My account section, you’ll see your dashboard. Click orders to see all your orders. 



Step 3

Under your orders choose the order you want to track. You’ll see all the details related to your orders there! Tracking Details, Notes and everything else. You’ll also get the track button which you can use to track your orders directly via the courier.

What does the order status mean?

Processing- For making it easier for our subscribers we have only two order statuses. You’ll see processing until your order is shipped. 

Shipped-  Once your order is shipped your order status is changed to shipped and tracking detail is updated. 

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

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