You got questions? We got answers. Read our FAQs to know the answer to the questions which are stopping you from buying you a big book box. In case your query is not listed below feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out and get you on board with us.  


What’s your return policy?

We do not offer refunds if you receive a book/item that you aren't interested in. However, if you already have a book which we have sent, you can drop a mail within the first 12 hours of receiving the book. We'll take back the book and send you another book of your choice within the same price range. Please note that this price range is not the MRP, it is the price mentioned on Amazon. - Keep checking our Instagram from time to time if you do not follow us. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, where we always announce upcoming themes and give hints as to what you can expect from each box. This way you can decide whether or not to skip a box if it doesn't interest you. - We do not accept box returns, irrespective of whether the box has been opened or not. - If you receive a damaged item, just send us a photo of the damaged product to, and we will be happy to ship you a replacement as soon as possible. Please note that the replacement might not be the replica of the previous product.

Do you have customer service?

We have a very prompt and helpful customer support team. Drop a mail on or and we'll get back to you at the soonest.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We offer cancellation only on quarterly, half yearly and annual subscriptions. If you receive your box and decide that you do not want it anymore, you can file a cancellation request via mail. However, this needs to be done at before the 15th of each month so that we do not prepare your order for the upcoming month.

For instance, you get your March box on the 9th of March, and you decide that you do not want the April box, you can notify us and file a cancellation anytime until the 15th March.

How does the subscription cycle work?

We ship our boxes starting 15th of every month in phases. Thus, if you want to book a big book box and want in a same month, you need to place an order for it anytime before 10th of the same month! 

The booking cycle starts on 11th of every month and ends on 10th in the following month! For example if you want to book the October box, you can book your box starting from 11th September until the booking closes on 10th of October 2017 

However, Certain Months Have some special Book, which is not released in India and is imported, then the orders will be shipped around 20th of the month for which the order was placed. 


Harry Potter Fan Boxes with extended merchandise have a minimum of 40- 60 days processing time as the funko pops are imported from the USA.

To understand in a better way, make sure you read the faqs. To know more about subscription visit to find out more.


Please Note that Subscription cycle may change if we are sending any imported goodie. 

How do you choose the contents of the box?

We plan the themes for the month well in advance and then look up for rare, hidden and cute stuff that can go with our boxes. These are the things you would not usually get at a store. The things included in your box are first put to use and tested by us. They need to be fun and something that a reader would love to own. You will never find randomly picked goods in our boxes.

Please note that due to unavailability of the books and some other ideas, products can be changed of Fan, Travel and Caffe Mocha boxes.  

When choosing the books, we keep our main focus on the Book of the Month, which is a new release. Not only does our team read it in advance but also discuss the reasons as to why this is an ideal book for the subscribers and what are some of the things that we do not like in the book (if any).


For Fan Boxes, We plan to change certain things every month. Unavailability of certain products can lead our curators to choose different products but be assured that the overall content will have no difference on pricing terms i.e. it can be costlier but by no means it will be cheaper. 

How do I know I won't already own the book you send?

Since we include more than one book in our boxes unlike other book boxes, you might feel that we'll send you a book you already have. For book of the month, we usually choose a latest release which has been released within the last 30 days. Thus, if you are buying all new releases only then you'll possess it. In that case, you can write to us at for a replacement. For the other books that we send, we ensure that they are either released within the past few months or are a rarely read yet extremely appreciated book. We might also include limited edition of the classics and unless you have the similar cover, it is non refundable as it comes under 'the collectibles' section. If you think you do not want any such books, just look out for the clues and sneak peeks we provide in news letters and social media. If you think you might receive something you do not want, you can skip that month's box.

What if another subscription box sends me the same book as the one included in your box?

As a premium, customer oriented subscription service, we at The Big Book Box pick our theme and books well in advance. Same goes for the goodies we include in our boxes. We understand that you wouldn't choose us if wanted the products that are readily available in the market near you and that's why we keep our products unique.

However, if you do receive a book that you're being offered by another book box, it is not something we can help. Since we send out our boxes on the 5th of each month and they are prepared at least 20 days in advance, you can understand that they haven't been copied and stolen from any other book box subscription companies.

Similarly, for the products that we send you, we do months of research in shortlisting the goodies that are worthy enough to include in our boxes. We contact small upcoming businesses and collaborate with them to bring to you the best of both worlds!

How long it takes for collectibles to get delivered?

Collectibles such as Funko pops, and other merchandises are imported and sometimes they do take time to get delivered. Although we have the selected items in the stock or if we have that with our partner, you'll be notified via an automated email within 72 hours that when you'll get the order. Once it is shipped it will take maximum of 7 days to reach you. 


What about International Shipping? I live outside India but i want to order the big book book box

We ship International boxes to all countries with additional shipping charges, which can be calculated on India Post Website. Please note that we use Registered Parcel Service from India Post! International Shipping is not free and is fully paid, we will ask for the shipment fees once the box is to be shipped and incase of Quarterly boxes after the shipment of 2 boxes!  



Question Not listed in the faqs? Contact us, we are waiting for you to ask your question directly.