About Us

Invite supporters and foodies around a friendly culinary competition. Contestants create their best dishes and people pay to taste and cast their votes.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Our Story

The Big Book Box was born over a discussion about new year resolution of two crazy book nerds. The idea was to give other bibliophiles something that we would look forward to and simply books wouldn’t be enough. Post 7 cups of coffee and a few crazy ideas like starting an ‘on the road Library’ we decided to start a book subscription service.

In order to get a dose of how other readers took it, we started off with the Instagram page first.  The response was phenomenal, and the idea was much more welcomed than we had expected it to be. By the mid of January, we were ready with our boxes, goodies and the website.

Each box of ours is curated in a way that the contents serve as your essentials of heading to the world of the books that come with it. We decided upon shipping at the beginning of each month so that there is plenty for you to read, relish and recreate throughout the month.

We have worked on every aspect of The Big Book Box to ensure that no part of it remains ordinary and usual- from bringing Muffin, our handsome ‘Catman’ to life, to personally reading the shortlisted books that should be included in the box. Each merchandise that we send you had to be something that we would be delighted to own.

That’s why, each time you unbox a Big Book Box, you will experience butterflies in your tummy, sheer joy in your heart and an inevitable excitement to find out on which bookish journey we are headed each month!

“There are two motives for reading a book; one that you can enjoy it and the other that you can boast about it “

(Or maybe, post about it on Instagram)