The Big Book Box is a New Delhi, India based monthly Book Subscription Service that sells Books and literary merchandise. Founded by Surabhi Sanjana Rai and Desh Deepak Singh in January 2017 in New Delhi, India , the Big Book Box started as an online brand for book box subscription. In January 2019, the brand ventured into the field of online retail bookstore under the name of ChapterOne Bookstores. One of India’s first curated bookstore. 

Why Readers Across The Country are Subscribing to The Big Book Box More and More?

The brand appeals to readers from all age groups, catering the best of international fiction in the four different category of boxes that they sell. Other genres like non fiction, mythologies and self help that are not sent as a part of their subscription service are made available to readers through their bookstore. 

The Big Book Box has worked with the major publishers in India to promote the growth of reading by bringing to the country extensive amount of international bestsellers. They currently provide their services only in India and its neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

In January 2019, after venturing into bookstore business, The Big Book Box started with an online book club promoting people to read and discuss together as a community.


The Big Book Box is a monthly book box subscription company that sells book boxes curated around the theme of the month which in fact is decided mostly by the book of the month. Each month Four Best Books are selected (International New Releases) and each box has bookish goodies which is also based on the theme of the month. The Goodies include Tote bags, magic mugs, officially licensed funko merchandises, goodies based on popular fandom such as Harry potter, Muse Of Nightmare etc..

The concept of book subscription boxes has existed since the 1970s with Book of The Month starting the trend of sending a book each month to their subscribers. In India, the concept of subscription services started catching up after 2015 and The Big Book Box was the first of its kin in the country. Working on the basis of pre-booking, their first box was delivered in February 2017. The co-founder, Surabhi Rai mentions in her interview to Nishtha Kanal of The Asian Age “I came across a UK-based book subscription box, but there was nothing of this sort in India. Getting the box shipped here was very expensive but the books were great and new releases. So I decided to start something of this sort by myself for students like me.”


The Big Book Box- September 2018 Edition. The highlight of this box was the books which were chosen from Man Booker’s 2018 List.

The Concept of The Big Book Box is simple and is based on subscription model of e-commerce. Each month there is a theme around which Books are chosen and then bookish goodies such as funko, tote bags, coffee mugs etc… are included in the box.[2] The bookings take place well in advance. For example Bookings for April Box is taken in March and the boxes are shipped in April. For More info See HOW IT WORKS?

Book Selection

A major asset of The Big Book Box is their Book Selection. Each month 4 best of international fictions are chosen after reading ARC (Advance Reader’s Copy) and then a theme is built around the books. Surabhi Sanjana Rai Said to Your Story in an interview that at The Big Book Box they want to provide readers with unique and amazing reading experience by choosing the best books for the boxes each month, which otherwise gets lost in crowded publishing schedule.[3]


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We shipped our first Big Book Boxes in February 2017, and soon we realised the potential of the Indian market. We noticed how we can change the way India reads in a good way. After Shipping almost 30K boxes in 2 years our mission remains the same i.e, to make good international books available in India and to create a creative and broad market for readers and to help Readers find books they love. Our Target is to Ship One Million Book Boxes Every Month by January 2027.

Some Previous Books

For us book selection is a primary objective and goodies are always next to the books we choose for you. For example if there is a goodie worth Rs 699 and a book Rs 899 and the budget is not allowing us to send both the book and the goodie, we will always opt for the book and other goodie. Our Subscribers love us for the books which we send in our boxes and you can always rest assured about the books. In most of the months we try to send exclusive hardcovers or book of the month which nobody else is sending and is not easily available in India.

The Book 4 which goes in the mocha boxes is always an exclusive title. Some past books include “The Spinning Silver- Hardcover”, “Leather Bound Classics”, “Unsheltered – Hardcover” etc…

The Big Book Box

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