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Be a Santa

"Wrap It Up: Your Christmas Newsletter Stuffed with Holiday Delight! 🎀🌲"

Join the bookish festivities with the big book box

This Christmas Be a Santa

Join India’s Biggest book Exchange Program. Make somebody smile with your note and let 2023 season end on high. 

What's Inside The Big Book Box?

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Available with Books & Merchandise

You will get a new paperback and hardcover book every month chosen by our team after they do some research. We work with great artists, publishers, and authors to make special designs based on the book that can make reading more fun.

If you sign up for The Big Book Box, you will get two books and three to six other items picked out just for you by The Big Book Box team. Some examples of these items are:

Examples of Goodies we include are:

  •  Tote bags
  • Enamel Mugs
  • Printables
  • Book Sleeves
  • Cushion Covers
  • Enamel Pins
  • Stationery Items

How it Works?

Buy Your Big Book Box

Pick your box and choose how long you’d like to receive boxes for – one month, three months, six months or a year. You don’t have to return anything- books and merchandises are yours to keep.

Your Box is put together

Our team procures and assembles all the elements of your box. Everything from the bookmarks to the renewal package is packed with utmost care and effort by our team of book ninjas.

The Big Book Box arrives

Your box of happiness reaches you and it’s time to join us for an unboxing challenge, book club read along, community discussions and more. Read, relish and return if you loved it.

Shop From Bestselling Categories

From Book Boxes to Harry Potter Goodies to Lord Of The Rings Merchandises, You’ll get everything here.

Here's How Unboxing A Book Box looks Like

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Go Longterm To Save More. 

The Espresso Box

Best for Casual Readers
  • Newly Released Paperback
  • Newly Released Hardcover
  • 3-5 Merchandises

The Cafe Mocha Box

Best for Avid Readers
  • Newly Released Paperback
  • 3 Newly Released Hardcover
  • 4-7 Merchandises

The Breve Box

Only Available in Yearly Plan
  • Newly Released Paperback
  • 4 Newly Released Hardcover
  • 5-8 Merchandises

Why Should I Choose The Big Book Box?

The simple answer is because we make reading cool for you. 

  •  Why read something random, based on algorithmic recommendations when you have us to read and pick out interesting titles every month?
  • While you might find the books we pick for the boxes at other stores eventually, however none will bring with it the value addition like us.
  • Reading is more than just a hobby and we make it even more fun with our added merchandise in every box. 


You have questions regarding the box? Here are some of the most asked questions to solve your doubts. 


Every Big Book Box is a box of happiness. In each box, we pack an experience for you with books and merchandise that are all connected by a theme of the month. For eg. When you buy in July you’re subscribing to our Fairytale Edition while in September you may be signing up for our Mythology Mania box.

Since we always pick books from new releases that come out internationally, they are mostly books that Indian readers haven’t come across.  However, we announce our books in advance for your peace of mind, so you can check out the books and decide whether you want them or not. This does not apply to the classics box – since it has a special collectable edition of classics.

There is no age limit on curiosity and books. Similarly, the books we pick are enjoyable for anyone who loved reading fiction. Even, the merchandises we pick are mostly things that have use or novelty quality for all. Just as we are never too old to admire a sunset, we’re never too old or too young for a box of books and merchandise.

We suggest you start with a one-month option as a first-time buyer. This allows you to check and make an informed decision on whether to opt for a longer term like three months, or six months.

We understand that we live in the age of quick commerce and no one wants to have to wait. However, as a brand driven by the cause of getting you brilliant international titles, we rely on publishers to import these books for us. The same takes them 45-60 days to procure from the UK/US, therefore the wait time. During unpredictable times like COVID or a paper shortage, it can take longer. However, we will always keep you posted.

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