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Every month has a new theme and everything from the books to the goodies are curated around the same to give you your WOW unboxing experience. #worththewait

We make it easy to find great books and awesome stuff that you love.

As a The Big Book Box subscriber, you’ll receive a monthly box (it’s recyclable) filled with handpicked international books curated with awesome bookish goodies. If you like the box you can order the next box or opt for a longterm plan for more saving. Looking for past boxes? We might have some left, check our Garage Sale. We’re here to make reading fun.

How It Works


Choose a Box you want to subscribe to. Once done with the box, decide what plan you want to go for? Currently we have 3 plans for every box. 1 Month, 3 Months and 6 Months. Remember Longer Plans come with more benefits.

The Big Book Box

A little wait, and the box will be headed to you on Gandalf’s horse.  Remember, you book in January to receive the box in February. Some pincodes can take a little longer than others but we make sure to dispatch all boxes within the same week. 


Loved the box? Share an unboxing on Instagram (Our Bookstagrammers are super interactive there, follow the best people) and tag us. If you got a monthly and liked this box, time to get yourself a longer subscription!

The Big Book Box, Most affordable book box


Most of Our Book Selections are Highly Rated and Anticipated Reads? And Are Either Not Avaiiable in India or are Very Costly even online

New To The Big Book Box?​

the big book box

As a first time subscriber, it can be tough to understand which box to get? Each month’s boxes have four variations (they are like sizes- small, medium, and large). Just like these sizes, the best book box to try out as a first-timer is the Espresso Box. As per our monthly data, Espresso is the most preferred box by the first-time buyers, as it is mid-ranged, comes with a hardcover and a paperback as well as the perfect mix of small and big goodies. While the bigger boxes like Mocha might seem like a steal, at first, it is better to try out this box and see if it is all you expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early releases, Awesome quality, and oh — we’re way more affordable. Plus, a subscription gets you excited to read, so you might actually do more of it. And that’s a good thing! You can calculate the prices yourself for the books. We send exclusive books most of the time. 

Every month, we’ll send new release international fiction books accompanied by amazing bookish goodies such as bookish tote bags, funko pops, literary candles, cushion covers, some quirky and cool printables. We Also include book samples from a variety of of publishers. 

A Big Book Box can be purchased at a starting price of just Rs. 1099 a month, with automatic renewals and manual renewals both the option.

Keeping in mind the varying reading needs and budgets of bookworms, we have four different types of boxes. The basic plan for 1099 comes with one book and a total of six to seven goodies, including premium and basic merchandise.

You can read more about these plans under How It Works.

Yes! Once subscribed you can cancel your plan anytime before next renewal. You can also request to skip a box if you don’t like a theme or books for any particular month.

If you are ordering your box in January, your boxes are scheduled to be shipped by End March. It works on the same scale for every month and will work till June 2021. From July 2021 the boxes will be delivered in the same months. 

However, in months when book shipments are delayed, it can take more time. The books in our boxes are all procured from international publishing houses (Little Brown Company, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins UK, etc) and the cargos can take longer at times.

The Books for the box are selected 3-4 months in advance from among the upcoming titles. Publishing houses share Advance Reading Copies and Manuscripts of their books with us, which are then read by the team of curators. For eg. The Books for the box of June 2020 are selected  latest by February 2020.  A theme is then created around the themes of these books and the items are allocated to the box as per the theme.

No! Anything and everything you receive in the box is yours to keep and use.

Well, we have a pretty good track record of choosing great reads that goes all the way back to 2017, so it’s worth a try for you to find out. You can cancel at any time, so there’s no risk in trying a book or two.


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